Three Ts to assist the Natural Cleaning Process

Although chemical cleaners appear to lift dirt and debris from surfaces almost immediately, they do not dissolve, or destroy contaminants.  Instead, an almost invisible layer of micro-thin debris remains, despite leaving the surface looking and smelling clean.

Enzyme Wizard cleaning products are 100% effective at biodegrading and emulsifying organic contaminants to leave the surface completely clean.  It is important to remember that Enzyme Wizard products do not contain any harmful chemicals and the adoption of three protocols will greatly assist the natural cleaning process.  These are:  Time / Temperature / Turbulence


Enzyme Wizard cleans by breaking down dirt and grime and biodegrading its components into carbon and oxygen.  This biological process takes a few minutes.  The use of Enzyme Wizard products over time will continue to improve the effectiveness of the natural cleaning process.


Enzyme Wizard cleaning products work at most temperatures and are effective when diluted with cold water.  By mixing the concentrates with very warm water (not boiling), molecules become more excited and enzyme activity is intensified.


The addition of turbulence or “friction” created by minor scrubbing and/or rubbing helps to break up surface dirt and grime allowing the enzymes to attack the contaminants from every direction.

It should be noted that chemicals claiming to clean without scrubbing and/or rubbing usually contain caustic characteristics that actually burn, or corrode.  This corrosive process may be damaging to the surface being cleaned.