About Us

MyCleanPlanet has a mission to help eliminate the use of cleaning and wastewater products containing harmful chemicals.

A worthwhile business should have a purpose for its existence.  This is not about dollars and profits but rather a focus on the moral, ethical and environmental reasons for devoting effort to the business.  Our purpose at MyCleanPlanet is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through a better and cleaner future.

These are the core principles that guide the way MyCleanPlanet conducts business; the standards that underpin how we conduct ourselves internally and with our customers and suppliers.  These are the values that sum up what MyCleanPlanet stands for and what makes us special.

To achieve our objectives, we have sourced environmentally friendly products that are made in Australia and utilise the latest Australian bio-bacterial and enzyme technology.

Why should I use products that contain naturally occurring friendly bacteria or enzymes rather than my traditional chemical based products?

Bacteria and enzyme based products are not only environmentally friendly, but also outperform chemical products in the home, garden, pool, spa, boat, farm and in all commercial environments including offices, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, aged care facilities, schools, fast food outlets, etc.,

Totally safe for humans, animals, marine and plant life.  In fact, all living organisms.  These products contain no harmful chemicals.  All of the ingredients are natural products, found in our environment.  The various solutions will digest specific organic waste and ensure that odour decomposition occurs.  The products are all biodegradable and being chemical free, no harmful chemicals will be transferred into our ecosystem via wastewater disposal systems.

Cleaning with bacteria or enzymes is a natural process that contributes to a healthier home, office and workplace environment. The products break down organic material into its basic elements which then integrate with the environment, rather than pollute it.  The products are designed to reduce cleaning time and are significantly more effective than conventional chemical based cleaners.  Bacterial or enzyme cleaning destroys the organic matter that creates stains and odours through a biological process.  This may not appear to give instant results, but they will be permanent.

All ingredients have been rigorously tested for human safety, biodegradability and aquatic safety.  They are all biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

MyCleanPlanet is committed to providing customers with effective products that are environmentally responsible and we are continually looking for other ways to limit our environmental impact.  To assist with this objective, we try to recycle packing cartons as often as possible, rather than use new packaging.  We also use  compostable / biodegradable satchels wherever possible.  Almost all of our deliveries are made via Shippit. Every eCommerce delivery has a carbon footprint. To support a sustainable future, Shippit has partnered with internationally recognised carbon solutions provider, the Carbon Neutral Group, to reduce their climate impact to zero. To do this, Shippit offsets all carbon emissions from deliveries.