Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe

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Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe is industrial strength for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms and all hard surfaces.

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Enzyme Wizard is manufactured in Australia and is an Australian owned company. Enzyme Wizard produces a range of natural, plant-based enzyme cleaning products for the home, commercial and hospitality markets. Their products are not just environmentally friendly, they outperform chemical cleaners.

Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe is industrial strength for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. The enzymes in this product will break down soap, oily film, grime, mould spore, fungus and mildew into their basic elements, mainly carbon and hydrogen. These readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it.  Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe is suitable for all hard surfaces. It contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down all organic matter. It has a rapid, penetrating action.  Ideal cleaning baths, showers, toilets, tiles, floors, spas; also fridges, freezers, ice machines, drink machines, etc.

Being soap-free, the product will leave no residue, so no rinsing will be required and the streak free surface will not attract dirt and grime.

Concentrated:  The 1 litre spray container is ready to use. The large containers should be diluted.

Safety:  pH neutral, completely safe for children, pets, even when wet. Bio-degrades completely and is designed to discharge down the drain where the enzymes continue to attack built up waste.


Water, Enzyme Wizard enzymes blended from plants, surfactant and fragrance.

Material Safety Data Sheet

GHS SDS Enzyme Wizard Bathroom-Kitchen- Mould and Mildew

How to Use

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Do not mix Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe with any bleach, oxidisers, or other chemicals as this will de-activate the enzymes.

It is recommended that when starting to use Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe for general cleaning, new micro fibre cloths, brushes or other equipment should be used. This is because any residual soap, or chemicals will adversely impact the effectiveness of the enzymes and the non-smear finish.
For general cleaning, dilute Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Bathroom / Kitchen Spray & Wipe at a ratio of 10:1 into the spray bottle. Spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe, preferably with a micro fibre cloth.

For areas with an excess build-up of grime, spray the surface with the diluted surface cleaner and use a soft brush and scrub down the surface. This is particularly important when cleaning grout between tiles. Leave the surface wet in order to give the enzymes longer to work.

To clean mirrors use one to two very light sprays of the diluted cleaning solution on to the mirror and then wipe down with a clean micro fibre cloth.

For badly soiled surfaces, Enzyme Wizard All Purpose Surface Spray should be diluted 50:50 with water. Spray the solution on to the affected surface and then scrub with a soft brush. It is important not to use a hard brush as the bristles of a hard brush will not be able to get down into every nook and cranny. This is especially important when cleaning tiled areas, as the grouting will be lower than the surface of the tile.

For the removal of mould and mildew, it should be remembered that in many cases the mould will grow behind the silicon sealant.
The best way to remove the mould will be to remove the silicone, spray the area and scrub with a brush. Leave to air dry slowly. Once the mould has been removed completely and the area has dried, reapply silicone to seal. Continue to wash the area with the enzyme formula for the next few days so that the enzymes can soak in. Mould most commonly forms in corners and along areas where two surfaces meet. This is because when cleaning, it is not easy to get into every crevasse, or corner.

To help prevent mould growth, spray Enzyme Wizard Multi-Purpose Kitchen / Bathroom Spray and Wipe into the corners during each clean.

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