What are Enzymes?

What are Enzymes? The science explained:

Enzymes are special types of proteins. Proteins are comprised of hundreds of amino-acids which are produced by living organisms. Enzymes are responsible for a number of reactions and biological activities in plants, animals, human beings and micro-organisms. They are found in the human digestive system to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins present in food.

Each enzyme is made up of a sequence of amino-acids (like pearls on a string) folded into a unique three-dimensional structure that determines the function of the enzyme.

The slightest change in the sequence of amino-acids can alter the shape and function of the enzyme. Enzymes are therefore very specific in their function. This is an important natural control to ensure that each enzyme only does the job for which it was specifically designed.

Enzymes are essential for all metabolic processes, but are not themselves living materials. They are distinguishable from other proteins because they are biological catalysts. Catalysts help and speed up chemical reactions.

Are Enzyme Wizard products different?

There are numerous types of enzymes, each with a specific function. However, they normally are unable to co-exist with each other. Enzyme Wizard products contain four different types of plant-based enzymes that are suspended within a proprietary formulation. It is the combined action of the four enzymes that allows Enzyme Wizard to clean more effectively.

Enzyme Wizard contains four enzymes that accelerate the decomposition of organic waste material:
These break down the long protein chains found in soiling and stains caused by sweat, blood, grass and urine
These dissolve starch-based soiling caused by products such as sauces, ice cream, gravy
These are effective in removing oil, grease and food stains
Provide general cleaning benefits, especially on dust and mud

The enzymes in Enzyme Wizard are plant-based. They are environmentally friendly because enzymes are effective at accomplishing their specific task. Chemicals, on the other hand are not limited to a specific task and often contaminate and damage the environment.